Tips from a corporate recruiter Monday, Apr 30 2012

I have had the pleasure of bringing companies, candidates, and managers together for over four years and during this time have witnessed some major candidate faux pas that have made lasting impressions. I revisited my catalogue of candidate missteps to create my top five tips for the prospective employee. Best of luck in your career search!


5 tips for keeping your job search private when using social media Monday, Apr 30 2012

Although sharing information is the cornerstone of the age of the Internet, that ideal free-flowing information is not without challenges. The paradox to this ideal is the necessity to protect users data to prevent identity theft and other potential crimes and harm against the user, which has given rise to even more privacy settings. Users for sites like Facebook and Google, and numerous other social networking websites, are up in arms over how their private information is being viewed and used.

10 extremely weird job interview questions that will stump you Monday, Apr 30 2012

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” What are your greatest weaknesses?” ‘Why do you want to work here?” We all have heard these questions plenty of times in job interviews. And yes, they are annoying but we are usually prepared for them. However, a question we may not be ready for could be, “How would you move Mount Fiji?” or “What do wood and alcohol have in common?” I am pretty sure that second one is right out of Monty Python. But these are actually real questions used in real interviews, according to Highest Paying and a compilation from Yahoo! Finance. There are many, but we picked out 10 extremely weird interview questions that will stump you.

How do employers review resumes Monday, Apr 30 2012

Every job seeker would like to believe that when they send a resume to an employer, there is someone on the receiving end that reads the entire document word for word, thinking… “How can we best use this person in our organization?”

The reality, however, is that your resume will most likely never be read in its entirety and the real thought process when reading it is… “Is there anything in here that knocks this person out from further consideration?”

Honesty is the best policy for MBA job seekers Monday, Apr 30 2012

To thine own self be true, the oft-quoted William Shakespeare line, is advice that MBAs should take to heart as they undertake the job hunt. That’s the conclusion of a study by two business school professors who find that candor is the best approach job seekers can take when interviewing, even though the temptation can often be strong to misrepresent oneself to appear a stronger candidate.

7 signs you’re acing a job interview Monday, Apr 30 2012

Job interviews are stressful, not least of all because it’s hard to tell if you’re on your way to the next round or being crossed off the short list altogether. In a first interview, it’s very rare for an HR person or hiring manager to offer you a job right off the bat. But there are some signs that you might be getting a call back shortly — or even a job offer. Here are seven to look for:


The interviewer uses “forward-thinking” language. The person you’re speaking with might reveal what they’re thinking through subtle hints. “Listen closely to see if the interviewer is giving you any verbal cues about the future,” notes Amanda Haddaway, author of “Destination Real World: Success after Graduation.” “For example, the interviewer might say things like ‘once you start,’ or ‘when you join the team.’ “