Yahoo’s (YHOO) latest CEO, Scott Thompson, is in trouble because his resume didn’t quite manage to be entirely truthful. As such, he enters an inglorious group of CEOs who’ve inflated their academic achievements. Bausch & Lomb’s CEO Ronald Zarella claimed to have an MBA but didn’t. Veritas Software’s CFO did likewise. And astonishingly, CEO of search firm A.T.Kearney – a firm that lives, breathes and checks out resumes – had to step down when alleged exaggerations of his education and work history surfaced.

So how perfect is your resume? Have you fudged a few years here or there to cover inconvenient gaps? Adjusted some of the timing so you don’t look quite so old? Omitted a company or two that just didn’t pan out? At the time, not one of these minor amendments feels like a disaster – and they may never prove to be.