How do you use friends of friends in your job hunt — whether through LinkedIn, Facebook, or just real life?  There have been an number of questions about this lately, including Reader A, below… her friend may be starting work at a company with a great work environment and has offered to refer her for a position once she starts, but as Reader A says:

… after looking into the company a bit, I realized that company is co-owned by an acquaintance of mine’s, “Ann’s” father.  I went to Jr. high through college with his daughter, we were on HS newspaper together and had the same major in college and were buddies, but not close friends.  However, it’s been about 6 years since college and she moved across country so we’re pretty much just Facebook buddies.  I would really like to ask if she could give my resume to her father as it could be very helpful in securing a position there, but I don’t want to seem rude.  If she worked there, I’d simply pass it along to her, but is it inappropriate to ask her to give it to her dad?  Also, should I have a specific position in mind or be open to anything (which I am?  What’s the best way to ask her?  Please advise me how to go about this situation!