In response to my article, the “Number 1 thing that’s wrong with your resume,” I received the following email:

So, the biggest problem with job candidates’ resumes is that “recruiters” are willfully ignorant; they don’t have a clue about the fields of work of the people they’re seeking to match up with employers, and they’re not really interested in learning, either. Got it.

I have been complaining about recruiters for years, and will continue to do so until recruiters and hiring managers stop playing games — like sending a candidate through 10 different interviews or not getting back to a candidate who has come in to interview.

But, job searchers need to deal with reality and not plan their job search around ideal circumstances. In an ideal world, you’d decide you want a new job, spend half a day looking around at companies you’re interested in, send 3 emails to people from your LinkedIn account and they’d tell the hiring manager how fabulous you are, you’d have a brief interview and set a start date.