An assessment centre is essentially a group interview that you will attend alongside other candidates who are applying for the same role. In most cases, the potential employer will invite you to attend a centre held on their premises or in hired venues nearby. There may be anywhere from 6-40 other candidates attending and you could be there for anywhere between 3-7 hours.

During the assessment centre you will participate in a range of activities that are designed to assess your competency, or level of ability, against the organisation’s own competency framework.

The reason for having a range of activities is to give all candidates, regardless of personality style or work preference, an equal opportunity to demonstrate their level of competence in different situations such as in a team, in pairs or as an individual.

So how do you successfully approach an assessment centre? Here’s five tips that have proven to work for many graduates:

Don’t just do it – show the assessors you’re doing it

Remember when you passed your driving test. You didn’t just need to look in your mirror before you took a turn, you had to move your head to show the examiner you were looking. It’s the same in an assessment centre. You not only have to listen to what people are saying, you have to show the assessors you are listening through body language and feedback.