Getting ready for a job interview? You don’t have to rely on your wits and cunning alone; technology is here to make the ordeal a little less grueling. I’ve rounded up a handful of apps and Web sites you can use to brush up on your interviewing skills. And if you are a hiring manager preparing to conduct interviews over the phone, I’ve got something for you here as well.

Get interview advice online. I don’t often find myself at, but that’s a mistake: Each section of the site is curated by a human being who keeps it up to date and full of valuable information. The Job Searching section is no exception, and you’ll find details on how to conduct yourself on a phone interview, how to dress for success, avoiding mistakes on the day of the interview, and more.

Improve your speaking skills. Your verbal skills are the most important tool at your disposal when being interviewed, so it pays to be a great speaker. Sure, you could join an organization like Toastmasters to hone your speaking skills, but there are easy things you can do without leaving home as well. Check out SayHired, where you can practice your phone interview skills with a real phone call, for free.