In the careers industry, I find that one of the most common problems job seekers run into is maintaining control of their search.

When job seekers lose control of their search, they fall into a vicious cycle. They start to feel helpless, vulnerable, stressed, and like everything bad is happening only to them.

While it’s easy to blame the world around you for your problems, it’s not going to get you into a job any sooner. Not only is a total loss of control terrible for morale, it isn’t attractive to employers who are looking for strong, self-sufficient employees.

The next time you find control slipping through your fingers, try these seven tips to maintain your focus and stay in charge of your job search:

Take advice carefully

When you’re unemployed, you’ll find that everyone (and I mean everyone) will offer their two cents about how to get a job. After a while, it can get overwhelming. Remember, not all advice will work for you. Flat out do not take advice from someone who doesn’t have a clue, even if it is your mom. Mom is NOT always right in this case. Keep an open mind and listen to advice from your friends and colleagues who really understand your field, industry and the companies that interest you. Use any good advice and dismiss all the rest.  In the end, it is your career path and you take control by deciding which advice is right for you.