The phone interview is a popular preliminary measure for hiring managers for many different reasons. For one, it saves more time and money than a formal in-person interview, while making it easier to filter out unfit candidates and increase accessibility for distant applicants. Despite the importance of this process, too many applicants immediately hear the word “conference call interview” and think of the process as an informal, less serious version of a traditional interview.

However, I can tell you I’m now sitting in my office chair because I took the phone interview seriously. My current company first called me to set up a phone interview, which did take me by surprise. We set up an appointment for a few days later, and I carved out time on my lunch schedule to take the call. A week later, I was called in for an actual interview. Ideally, you’ll be able to take a call at your home like I was, even if you have to make a little extra time for it. If you can’t, choose somewhere quiet, like an office or your car. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that phone interviews aren’t important just because you’re sitting in a Subaru!

Since you likely came across this article by searching for phone interview tips, congratulations: You’re one of the few who does value the importance of a phone interview. To make it a success, follow these top four crucial tips.