So you’ve distributed a lie on your resume.  Maybe a big one, maybe a small one.

Still, if you’ve been following the saga of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, any lie on your resume should give you cause for pause.  Consider the rundown of Thompson’s alleged character issue via a resume lie from the San Jose Mecrury News:

Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Scott Thompson will step down from the helm of the Sunnyvale Internet company after a furor resulting from a false degree on his company bio, according to a Sunday report.Activity  broadcasts

Thompson, who took over as head of the struggling company less than six months ago, claimed he received degrees in accounting and computer science from Stonehill College near Boston, but Yahoo’s largest outside investor revealed earlier this month that the accounting degree was the only one he earned.

Yahoo admitted Thompson did not receive a computer science degree, but termed it an “inadvertent error.” That did not halt the controversy stemming from the revelation, however, and Thompson’s attempts at damage control — two apologies to Yahoo staff and claims that the error resulted from a mistake by an executive search firm that recruited him to his former job at PayPal — did little to calm calls for his job.”