I attended a wonderful job search support group meeting last week in Acton, MA (the Acton Networkers).  As with many of these groups, new members are invited to stand up and introduce themselves, telling everyone who they are and what position they are seeking.  It’s a great way to practice an “elevator speech” because it is a friendly, supportive group, like most job search support groups.  It is also a great way to find others who can help with a job search because they are in the same industry or profession and know about employers who are hiring, other professional/industry networking groups, and relevant events.

One new member, as part of his introduction, shared some details about a serious medical issue that was resolved through surgery and has not been part of his life for over 10 years.  It was clearly significant to him, so he shared it openly as part of his elevator speech.  Members of the group counselled him, very appropriately, not to share that information with employers because it is not relevant.  While it is an important victory in his life, it is not an accomplishment germane to the jobs he is seeking.