You finally did it: You found your passion. You quit your stable job or declared an artsy major and chose to climb the untamed trail of Robert Frost instead of driving the corporate freeway to success.

Now what?

Unlike the attorneys and accountants you know, your trajectory isn’t neatly outlined in an employee handbook. Instead, you’ll have to create your own roadmap. You’ll draw on all of your resources, employ a bit of trial and error, doubt yourself (thenlearn to trust yourself), and do it all while the people around you tell you, “you can’t.”

If you’re taking a non-traditional career path, you’ll probably hear from friends, family, colleagues, and maybe even your own head that you’ll never make money or find a job. But, take it from me: It’s all worth it to make your crazy dream a reality. I know, because I, too, chose to climb this bruising yet beautiful trail.