When was the last time you had to look for a job? If you haven’t been job hunting within the last year, I think you’ll find things are a bit different.

Competition is Fierce

competitionIn many industries and pockets of the country, hiring is on the upswing. That’s good news. As a matter of fact, there has probably not been a better time to look for work in the last three years! But, and this is a huge BUT! Competition is fierce. There are tons of qualified (even over-qualified) candidates applying for every job. Why does this matter to you? Here are just three things you can do to better compete:

  1. You will want to stand out!
  2. You will have to do more than just sit back and expect a call!
  3. You will want and need to be well connected!


stand outThe resume you submit has to be specifically crafted tomatch the job and company you are applying for

You should have a strong personal brand and online presence

You will need to understand key words and search engine optimization