Okay, so the first part of this blog post title doesn’t exactly have a direct link to what I’m about to talk about, but hey, that is one creepy film with a very good title worthy of a blog post!

The hidden job market – not as scary as Michelle Pfieffer’s character in What Lies Beneath…

But horror film endorsements aside (disclaimer: I don’t actually like horror films, in fact I could just about get through half an episode of the X-Files without wimping out totally), there is another layer to the job hunting process that surprisingly, a lot of jobseekers have yet to catch on to. This layer is called the hidden (or invisible) job market and it’s what lies beneath the surface of advertised jobs.

The hidden job market is very real – in fact, I have firsthand experience of this as this route is how I came to be in the new role I spoke about in my last post.