If you’ve recently applied for a graduate job you have probably had to sit a psychometric test as part of the recruitment process. If you’ve never taken a psychometric test before, you may be keen to understand a little more about them.

Unfortunately, psychometric tests can cause some of the most anxious moments for graduates. They’re really not that scary to be honest. Essentially psychometric assessments are scientifically constructed to predict how likely it is that a candidate will be successful in a role. It allows employers to remove error from their decision making process and select only the best candidates for their vacancies. Importantly, this is also in your best interest as it helps ensure that you’ll find a job you’ll enjoy and perform well in.

Some applicants will do just about anything to put their best food forward during a recruitment process and may consider cheating in psychometric tests. Recent Australian research suggests that around 10% of applicants attempt to engage in some type of ‘cheating’ behaviour. Candidates who cheat during the testing phase typically use the assistance of calculators, completion guides, paid “experts”, as well as friends and family.