In today’s market there is a lot of choice when it comes to looking for a new role. The volume of vacancies in the IT sector is incredibly high as we climb out of the recession and the battle for quality resource is at unprecedented levels. But things aren’t always what they seem and I’m about to outline some of the pitfalls you should try to avoid as a candidate when you are looking for a new role in today’s employment climate.

Everybody has one, if not several, stories of being mucked around by a recruiter when they have applied for a job. The common complaint I hear is that they received no response back on their initial application or even worse they are spoken to by the recruiter and agree to have their details presented to the client to then never hear from the recruiter again. The truth of what is going on here is that the recruiter is more than likely “fishing”. They haven’t done a thorough enough job defining the requirement with the client up front and therefore spend most of their days on a wild goose chase and unfortunately the innocent party in the equation (the candidate) receives the rough end of the stick by receiving no feedback.