“Oops, I quit my job.” Katherine Stevensen’s Facebook status casually proclaimed that she had made a potentially life-changing decision. For one thing, she had no new job lined up. I wanted to know why (Note: Katherine’s name has been changed at her request.)

She’s not a a flighty person prone to rash decision-making. In fact, Katherine has a degree in linguistics and international relations from a state university, graduating in 2009. After graduating she accepted a job teaching English as a second language to adults. However, that job was temporary and nightmarish. Why? Bad management. She says:

I couldn’t get any support for things like getting a log in to take attendance on the computer. There were no curriculum guidelines. They wanted me to spend hours every day of my own time recruiting new students…. The vice principal was very temperamental. He would come into the classroom and yell about something obscure on a daily basis.

I wasn’t even able to get information on what the students would be tested on.